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RetAPPs was founded in 2012 by Alessandro Tiretta, who still today provides the company with his expertise as an IT manager in the retail industry.

He saw that traditional brick-and-mortar retailers could benefit from innovative tools as they tried to compete with online boutiques, both in terms of customer engagement and loyalty, and in order to respond to the new needs of manufacturers. And indeed, today the data confirm just that.

In fact, the numbers speak quite clearly, with over 49 million Italians using their mobile devices for searches. Online purchases have increased 53% and, in particular, 15% in the food and personal care industries, for overall spending that well exceeds one billion euros.

49 million

15% more purchases

Over €1 billion


Our aim is to provide innovative technical solutions that support the evolution of traditional retail spaces into veritable smart points of purchase and help them compete with e-commerce platforms.


RetAPPs is the ideal partner for traditional retailers because it’s a fully-digital solution provider, able to support retailers throughout the entire digitisation process, resulting in their success: to do so, we came up with SmartBip, proprietary technology that turns any point of sale into a multi-channel e-commerce platform.

SmartBip is currently used by some of Italy’s leading retailers. Its success is due to its complete modularity and unrivalled flexibility, making it an effective tool for small local shops and large hypermarkets alike.



Our point of reference is the retailer: the quality of our custom services can be measured in concrete results and the reliability of our products.



Clients are an important part of the work group. Sharing knowledge and information is the key to success.



One step ahead of the market: we analyse big data, fine-tune our responses, and imagine new processes and technology, all while continuously working to improve.



Teamwork is the main driver that gets us to the end goal. But in the end, it’s up to us to provide clients with concrete, measurable benefits.



We’re an independent business, which means we’re free to make our own decisions and be absolutely transparent with our clients.




We’ve entered into numerous partnerships for technology, hardware and security systems to guarantee the best performance possible.