SmartBip, Italy’s leading platform the deployment of mobile strategies in the retail sector

SmartBip gives retailers the option to offer Smartphone-savvy customers a whole lot of new shopping experiences

  • in-store (product interaction, self scanning, payment, coupon redemption…)
  • out-of-store (shopping list management, marketing, promotions, couponing…..)


SmartBip functional modules for retailers include:

  • Mobile Self Scanning: no need to invest in expensive handheld devices! Deploy Smartphone-based Apps that allow customers to scan products and fill in a virtual basket ready for checkout.
  • Mobile Payment: no need for your customers to bring cash or credit cards along! Deploy Smartphone-based payment with pre-registered credit card info, for single-tap payment.
  • Shopping List Management: no more paper lists and scribbled notes for your customers! Deploy Smartphone-based shopping lists, for a user-profiled shopping experience, repeatable and controllable from home.
  • Coupon Management: no more printed coupons and discount vouchers! Deploy Smartphone-based Apps for delivering digital discounts and offers before, during and after each shopping sessions, with redemption directly at checkout.

Retailers can mix and match all the above according to their business strategy. SmartBip-enabled apps will seamlessly adapt to the modules made available in each retailer’s context.

SmartBip’s advantage is clear:

  • SmartBip can easily integrate with the retailer’s systems, opening up a number of new opportunities for interacting with cistomers
  • Through natives iOS and Android Apps, customers have full control over the shopping process, before, during and after each shopping session

Join the growing community of leading retailers who have already adopted SmartBip for delivering valuable shopping experiences to their Smartphone-savvy customers!

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